Todd Carter

“Now, I ask the important questions before I take a client to see a home. Being new to real estate, Tiffany’s SERVICE course gave me the confidence I needed to serve my clients well!”

Kevin Hudson

“Sometimes Agents just don’t know what they don’t know. They need that training. Tiffany brings credibility because she’s been in the business. She’s fiery and she gets after it. She has proven herself as a salesperson and as a phenomenal...

Denise Potter

“The last few years of my real estate career have been nothing short of amazing. Tiffany’s training in this industry is unmatched. The skills she taught me will remain with me forever!”

Elliot Vickery

“At first, I was a little uncomfortable, asking for the sale. After taking Tiffany’s S.E.R.V.I.C.E. sales course and executing the sales process, I sold a house the very next week, because I had the confidence to ask for the sale.”

Dan Horner

“I don’t pay for “training” but results. Tiffany delivers every time! Tiffany is about one thing -empowering salespeople to succeed. If you’re ready to “go to the gym” to do the work, to produce the results, she’s your coach. She is always worth the...